Dance Workshop Week 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended REC SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 – you all worked so hard and we were delighted by the improvement that we saw in each and everyone of you.

Congratulations to Jessica Wilkes and Eliza Geraghty from Group B who earned themselves a commendation for their hard work during this week and to Lily Bennet for her well deserved scholarship for another REC course in the future, given for effort and enthusiasm. Lydia Smith and Millie-Angel Mottram worked so well that they earned themselves the commendation for Group A this week and Madeleine Knight was given the scholarship for further training with RECBallet. Well deserved, well done girls!

Please keep the momentum going – stay focused and stay positive and most importantly stay over the ball of the supporting foot!!!! Happy holidays to all of you and we will see you all very soon xxxx



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